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Amsterdam, Netherlands

EUT don’t want to grow up. The Dutch five-piece makes shiny, eternally youthful guitar music that champions acceptance, community and – most of all – buckets of fun. It’s apparent within a single second of debut album ‘Fool For The Vibes’, when first track ‘Look (Who Has Decided After All)’ bursts into life with a glammed-up, Thin Lizzy-worthy guitar lick.  Meeting at art school in Amsterdam, the band is the brainchild of Megan de Klerk, a captivating vocalist whose lyrics dance around ‘90s influenced guitar pop that flits between traditional genre boundaries with abandon.  Across their debut album, released late last year in their native Holland and getting a UK release via indie stalwarts V2 Records on May 24th, competing elements of their influences meet harmoniously. The band cite The Cardigans, Beck, and Blur as influences on the record, and strokes from across the guitar music spectrum can be found in every fascinating corner of the record.

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King’s Day

“King’s Day is one the best days of the year! It’s the only day of the year when we are allowed to drink on the street.” – EUT

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Tolbar has the best coffee because they serve white label coffee! It’s a very cosy bar where you can eat really nice food and there is a venue that works together with Paradiso. So it’s a nice place to discover new bands because it’s only 150 capacity.” – EUT

Tolstraat 182, 1074 VM Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Concerto is great independent record store that has a wide variety in genres on CD and vinyl. Check out their amazing second hand vinyl section.” – Candy Dulfer

“Concerto is one of the biggest record stores with new and second hand vinyl. There also do small in-store acoustic concerts!” – EUT

“The best record store is Concerto – they sell all of our merch, too!” – Bartek

Concerto is our favorite record store because Wesley, our guitarist, works there. Once in a while they have some live music in their store… mostly intimate, acoustic live sets. You can also go to Concerto for some nice coffee and cake!” – Tape Toy

Utrechtsestraat 52, 1017 VP Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Pizza Bakkers

“The best hangover food is Pizza Bakkers! Go check for yourself when you’re hungover and call me if I was lying! ” – EUT

Plantage Kerklaan 2, 1018 TA Amsterdam, Netherlands
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The Nine Streets

“De 9 Straatjes (the Nine Streets) is a whole area filled with new and secondhand boutiques.” – EUT

Negen Straatjes, 1016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
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