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Hamburg, Germany

Rhonda released their fourth studio album “Forever Yours” on February 17, 2023 via popup-records, following the critically acclaimed album “You Could Be Home Now” (2019). Musically, “Forever Yours” ranges from soul, rock, punk, pop to cinematic film music. The pandemic and the resulting restrictions have put the band, based in Los Angeles and Northern Germany, to the test, not being able to tour or even see each other due to the long distance between the musicians. However, the forced break initiated an intense creative process among the four band members Milo Milone – exceptional singer of bittersweet vocals – Ben Schadow, Offer Stock and Gunnar Riedel. Due to vivid exchanges via Zoom and sending back and forth sound files, a new album was created. As an intimate snapshot of that time, “Forever Yours” is Rhonda’s most honest, raw and personal album so far. The ten-track record is proof that there is hope in difficult times.


Credit to Johannes Everke at Clubstiftung Hamburg


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