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Budapest, Hungary
The Trousers

The Trousers are a 4 piece garage rock/hard rock band from Budapest, Hungary. The band was formed in 2006, and since 2008 they have released five albums: Planetary process (2008), Soul machine (2010), Freakbeat (2013), Mother of Illusion (2015) and Invisible darkness (2018). Two of these were nominated as “best hard rock album of the year” in their home country, while Freakbeat featured one of their most important influences, Nicke Andersson (The Hellacopters), who played a guitar solo on a song. The three latest albums got excellent reviews in several countries including Europe, North America and Australia. As a massive live act, The Trousers has been playing in several countries all over Europe, and opened for bands like Black Stone Cherry (USA), Wayne Kramer’s MC50 (USA), Atomic Bitchwax (USA), Peter Hook & The Lights (UK), The Blue Van (DK), Barbed Wire Dolls (GR) and Konflikt (SK). In 2020 they are releasing a new album and continue touring. Band members: Zoltan Kovary (vocals, guitar), Peter Locke (guitar), Andras Lazar (bass), Samu Gulyas (drums).

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“Sziget is like the carnival, and the best music festival of the city. In 2014 our music was the anthem of the festival and we played on the main stage, which is still a great memory…” – Ivan & the Parazol

Budapest, Óbuda Island, Hungary

“I would recommend Ecocafe Organic Specialty Coffee Shop on Andrássy Road. Andrássy Road from Deák square to Heroes Square is very spectacular in good weather, and there are a lot beautiful old buildings, bars, restaurants as you go along.” – The Trousers

Budapest, Andrássy út 68.
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Széchenyi Spa

“It is in the middle of Városliget (city park), in a nice natural environment, and the spa itself is a beautiful old building from 1909, representing the style of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy times.” – The Trousers

Budapest, Állatkerti krt. 9, 1146 Hungary
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“If you visit the narrow old streets of the 6th and 7th district, next to the notorious party quarter, you can find trendy vintage clothes stores like Retrock. Clothes are much more exciting and stylish there than the stuff you can get from Zara or H&M on Váczi Street or Vörösmarty Square.” – The Trousers

Anker köz 2-4. Budapest 1061 Hungary
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“It’s an old Soviet ship transformed into a venue. Really great atmosphere and sound…some of my favourite shows in recent years there are Jane Birkin are Cigarettes After Sex!” – Amber Smith

“It is very special that you have to enter a cool old ship to see a concert. The atmosphere is unique, plus they have the greatest sound all over here. It is said to be among the best club venues in the world. My band had a chance to play there several times, in 2018 we supported Wayne Kramer’s MC50.” – The Trousers

Petőfi bridge, Buda side

“When the weather is fine you can visit “Rácskert”, an open market with different vegan foods and Soproni IPA on tap :)” – The Trousers

Dob utca 40. (5,088.71 mi) Budapest, Hungary 1072
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Dürer Kert

“Has three different stages and a lot of fine metal concerts!” – The Trousers

Budapest, Öböl utca 1, 1117 Hungary
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Robot Club

“It is in the middle of downtown, easy to access, everything is close, food, public transport… The staff is cool and helpful, you get the classic rock club feeling as a musician and as a concert viewer too. It is a part of a complex with Instant Bar, where there are chances for bigger events, too. Robot is one of the last real rock clubs in the city, actually.” – The Trousers

Akácfa u. 49 Budapest, Hungary
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Horizont Brewing

“Thanks to the “craft beer revolution” in the recent years, there are a lot of great beers. I would recommend Gentle Bastard IPA from Horizont.” – The Trousers

Budapest, Maglódi út 47, 1106 Hungary
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Városliget (City Park)

“I would recommend Városliget (City Park) a, very enjoyable resting area in the summer.” – The Trousers

Budapest, Városliget, Kós Károly stny., 1146 Hungary
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“Czech beer is the best in the world, and you can get a lot there, great quality. Fine Czech food is also there.” – The Trousers

Budapest, Rákóczi út 11, 1088 Hungary
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