Vibe Managers guide:
Ibiza, Spain
Carlos Amelivia – Vibe Manager

Meet Carlos Amelivia, the Vibe Manager for Hard Rock Ibiza.

What is a Vibe Manager?

A VIBE manager, or rather  the Visionary Individual Behind Energy, has the task of curating the hotel atmosphere with lighting, music, decor, entertainment and surrounding memorabilia. They are the driving force behind Hard Rock’s unique events.

They are the go-to person for discovering and booking the best local music, the ins-and-outs of the scene, where to eat, drink and be merry… and so much more.

Carlos’ Insider Tips: 

Attend the live gigs – Ibiza has the best live music spots I’ve ever seen!”

“My favorite local place to explore is Platja d’embossa. It has a hidden paradise to discover.”

Cafe Pereyra

“My favorite drink is the Mari Mayans shot!” – Carlos Amelivia, Vibe Manager

Carre Comte de Rossello, 3 07800 Ibiza, Spain
Cappuccino Grand Cafe

“Love getting a Cappuccino at Cappuccino’s and those views of the castle are superb.” – Carlos Amelivia, Vibe Manager

Passeig Joan Carles I, 20, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain

“My favorite place to get a late night drink is Tira Pallá. I love their mojitos, but keep the secret!” – Carlos Amelivia, Vibe Manager

Carrer d'Alfons XII, 10, 07800 Eivissa, Illes Balears, Spain


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