Vibe Managers guide:
Davos, Switzerland
Thomas Caduff – Vibe Manager

Meet Thomas Caduff, the Vibe Manager for Hard Rock Davos.

What is a Vibe Manager?

A VIBE manager, or rather  the Visionary Individual Behind Energy, has the task of curating the hotel atmosphere with lighting, music, decor, entertainment and surrounding memorabilia. They are the driving force behind Hard Rock’s unique events.

They are the go-to person for discovering and booking the best local music, the ins-and-outs of the scene, where to eat, drink and be merry… and so much more.

Thomas’ Insider Tips:

“There are a lot of cool little bars and restaurant to explore. Just ask the friendly locals ..they know on which day which bars the party will happen.

It’s a really cool music scene in Davos. The locals and the tourist love to go to live concerts. Even the small bars are committed to play good quality music in there property. Very good rock bars, electro events, dance clubs and concerts and party location are here.”

Chämi Bar

“Chämi Bar has the best gin selection.” – Thomas Caduff, Vibe Manager

Promenade 83, 7270 Davos, Switzerland
Kaffee Klatsch Klosters

“Kaffee Klatsch near the hockey stadium is this cozy little café serving great cups of coffee, especially their flat white.” – Tawnee

“Best cup of coffee in town is at Kaffee Klatsch. I like to order the fresh pressed orange juice and a brioche bun.” – Thomas Caduff, Vibe Manager

Promenade 72, 7270 Davos, Switzerland / Promenade 38, 7270 Davos, Switzerland
Lake Davos

“Lake Davos is amazing. Even in the hottest of summers, it’s very refreshing and crystal clear. If you’re an active person, a hike up to ‘Jöriseen’ is amongst the most beautiful things you can do. It’s at least a 4 hour hike, but you’ll get to see some of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Switzerland.” – Tawnee

“The best watering hole is Lake Davos. It’s amazing to take a walk around or refresh in the summer with a swim.” – Thomas Caduff, Vibe Manager

Lake Davos, Davos, Switzerland
Top Secret

“The store Top Secret directly next to the cable car base station is my favorite boutique. It’s a very cool place for ski- and snowboard style clothes, and there are days that you can test their equipment.” – Thomas Caduff, Vibe Manager

Brämabüelstrasse 11 Talstation Jakobshorn Platz CH, 7270 Davos, Switzerland
Monsteiner Bier

“Monsteiner is a local, high quality beer. It’s perfect after a long hike, bike or ski-day.” – Thomas Caduff, Vibe Manager

Hauptstrasse 36, 7278 Davos Monstein, Switzerland


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